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It’s time to Talk the Walk and make some major changes to our boardwalk! A busy spot throughout the spring and summer months, the boardwalk Market Slip and Loyalist Plaza play a key role in continually improving the quality of life and growing our economy.

There are several major sites available for development in Saint John’s Uptown, Inner Harbour and Waterfront – commercial, residential, large and small.  And each is unique.

At Saint John Development Corporation, we have the experience to match real estate and development opportunities for any company or organization interested in relocating to, or expanding in the Saint John region. The Corporation’s ability to negotiate, manage and lead development activity in the City central core is well known.

In addition, the Corporation can draw on substantial support and resources from partner organizations to ensure all options and alternatives are identified and maximized.

One key development that is unfolding under the SJ Development Corporation’s umbrella is Fundy Quay (formerly CanadianCoast Guard site).  Situated on the waterfront in Saint John, Fundy Quay is the most desired site in the City – consisting of approximately six (6) acres at the water’s edge, this location is deemed as the most valued and highly prized in Atlantic Canada.

The Fundy Quay site

The Saint John Development Corporation (SJDC), has been given the authority and responsibility (through Saint John Common Council) to act as the development manager for the City of Saint John regarding the Fundy Quay site.

Conceptually, Fundy Quay will be a multi-year development utilizing universal urban planning guidelines and encompassing mixed development, including; retail, commercial, hotel, condominiums, townhouses, an apartment building complex as well as green-spacing, and a 20’ wide public promenade skirting the entire 6 acre site. Read the Development of Fundy Quay for more information.

Without question, this development will be a significant contributor to the tax base, encourage further urbanization of the City core and be a catalyst for more residential, retail and commercial development in the City centre. 

The Saint John uptown has been transforming in the last few years and this development will add new vibrancy to the City’s lifestyle that is fast becoming one of the most desired places to live/work in Atlantic Canada.  Not only is Saint John a diamond in the rough – we are not content to be a hidden gem any more – it’s time to let the world know!

Download the Development of Fundy Quay document.