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Itís time to Talk the Walk and make some major changes to our boardwalk! A busy spot throughout the spring and summer months, the boardwalk Market Slip and Loyalist Plaza play a key role in continually improving the quality of life and growing our economy.

Guiding Principles for Waterfront Development in Saint John

Public Access

Future development must incorporate significant and permanent public access to our waterfront areas.


Significant, Sustainable & Balanced Development

Our waterfront must encourage mixed-use development which is economically sustainable and of superior quality.


Effective Public - Private Sector Partnerships

Successful waterfront development requires effective community partnerships. The public and private sectors must cooperate in prioritizing, planning and implementing waterfront development in Saint John.


Sensitivity To The Historical Character of Saint John

Development along our waterfront must both reflect and complement Saint John's rich heritage, architecture and character and support the revitalization of the Trinity Royal Heritage District.


Broad-Based Community Appeal

All of our citizens, as well as visitors to the region, should feel welcome on our waterfront. Our waterfront should provide and support broad-based community activities and participation on a year-round basis.


Support A Strong Working Port

To provide an active commercial port within a vibrant waterfront, co-existing with the surrounding community.


Encourage Economic Growth & Diversification

Waterfront development should create new economic growth and development opportunities in this region, including continued diversification into new economy activities such as information technology and tourism.


Promote Arts & Cultural Activities

The creation of public arts and cultural venues should be encouraged and the active participation of our arts community sought from the outset of waterfront planning. The concept of a waterfront "Festival Place" should be incorporated in our waterfront development plans.


Encourage Interpretation & Education Activities

Our waterfront should encourage opportunities for interpretation and education, especially in reference to our community's extraordinary heritage, working waterfront and unique geographic location where the St. John River meets the Bay of Fundy.


Meaningful, Open & Consultative Community Participation

Meaningful community participation is essential for successful waterfront planning and development. It should begin early in the process and be continuous throughout.


Long-Range Planning

Successful waterfront development will require commitment to a long-term vision and master plan. Development will occur in progressive increments over time that truly reflects the richness of this community's character.


An Environmentally Sustainable Waterfront

Water is the defining force that fundamentally shapes the character and development of the Greater Saint John region. Sustainable waterfront development must incorporate community plans to improve the quality of our physical environment, including the St. John River, Kennebecasis River, Saint John Harbour and the Bay of Fundy.


Enhance The Quality of Life For Residents of Greater Saint John

Waterfront development must create a positive and permanent impact on the quality of life for residents of Greater Saint John.