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Its time to Talk the Walk and make some major changes to our boardwalk! A busy spot throughout the spring and summer months, the boardwalk Market Slip and Loyalist Plaza play a key role in continually improving the quality of life and growing our economy.

The Vision for the Waterfront

The Inner Harbour Land Use Plan, a master plan for development of the Saint John Inner Harbour and Waterfront, was introduced in 2003.  The document, produced by Saint John Waterfront Development and Urban Strategies Inc., was the culmination of over two years of work and includes feedback from over 500 stakeholders local individuals, organizations and committees. The plan defines a strong system of fully connected, high-quality public spaces that will form a framework for high quality private development.   This comprehensive tool is serving to propel Saint John in new directions.

The plan was developed around a set of guiding principles including significant, sustainable, balanced economic and environmental development, and community involvement and appeal.  Benefits of the implementation strategy include dramatically improved public access, provision of new open spaces, improved quality of life, strengthened city and image and community pride.  Stakeholders are committed to continued development in a vibrant Waterfront and Uptown.  In the next 20 years, it is estimated that over $700 million will be invested in the Uptown and Waterfront areas.

With that investment it is estimated there will be demand for:

  • new commercial floor space
  • new residential development
  • additional square feet for hotel and conference centre space
  • increased demand for urban space for services, retail shops and restaurants